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We believe that life can be Easy, Fun, and Joyful.


Our mission is to help you create that life through:

valuable Training,

unique Healing,

and/or with Entertaining guidance.


Training & Coaching

We believe that clients can achieve success with the right tools, training, and coaching. We believe that training can be fun and that learning is a lifelong, enjoyable journey.


We believe in a world where healing can happen in an instant without having to relive the problem or issue or endlessly chatting about it. We believe that healing can be fast and easy.


We believe that everyone is psychic, intuitive, and can receive guidance; it’s just that some have developed and honed these skills more. We believe that intuitive guidance can be accurate, educational, and entertaining.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Live the life you were meant to live!  Let me help you transform your life so that you’re cleared of your problems and clear with your life.

Are you living an allergy free life?

Is your life free from traumas, dramas, & pain?

Are you free from energetic blocks so that you're achieving what you desire?

If not, you “Clear-Lee” need my help! 


Learn to use Chakras, Improv Skills, Presentation Skills and more to improve your personal & professional life.

Life Coaching

Let me coach and empower you to solve your problems with a fun, effective, and enlightening style of coaching.

Energy Healing

Clear your allergies & issues all without disruption to your busy schedule or leaving home.

Intuitive Readings

Receive guidance that best supports you now. Choose from Intuitive Readings, Health Intuitive Readings, or Gummy Bear Messages. 

Is This For Me?

 As an open minded individual, you like to explore possibilities and options.  You’re not locked into one way of doing things.  You consider conventional and traditional forms and ideas, but are also open to non-conventional and alternative forms and ideas.  Trying something new is exciting for you.  You know there are lots of possibilities out there of things that can work and are willing to try them even if they’re not the norm.  Your focus is finding an alternative to what is not working well in your life.  You want a solution that will work and enhance your life.  With my proprietary Clear-Lee Healing™ Method, together we can heal your life, so that you can experience your best life yet.

Does Energy Healing work?

Yes, absolutely.  It has helped many people heal many various issues. 

Should I stop going to my doctor?

No, I am not a doctor and advise that you seek medical professionals when needed.  Energy healing is supplemental and does not replace medical care.

Are healing sessions in person, on the phone, or online?

Everything I do is done remotely, meaning, we do not have to be in the same room. This saves time & travel cost for both you and me! I do the clearing independently, so you do not have to be on the phone or online (chatting, texting, or emailing) at the time of the session. I will email you the information from the session on what I cleared and any guidance or recommendations that I have.

Will this work for me?

As long as you are open to it working, it will. If you aren’t really open to energy healing, it may work for a little bit or not at all. Your body will sabotage you because you aren’t allowing it to work. If you are having a hard time “believing,” just realize it has worked for many others so it can work for you. You just have to let it work. Of course, I cannot guarantee results, but neither can a doctor. I can guarantee I will use all of the tools I have to help you gain relief!

How soon can I get started?

Today!  Purchase sessions now and we’ll get started right away!

About Me

Ellen Lee is the CEO, Chief Energy Optimizer, at  She is an Energy Healer, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Psychic, Author, and Improv Comedian.

Ellen uses her intuition and proprietary healing method “Clear-Lee Healing”™ to provide life changing healing and transformation to clear out emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues with allergy clearings, chakra clearings, clearing traumas & dramas from this & other lifetimes and much more.  She quickly and efficiently hones into what is most beneficial to help you be clear and cleared so that you can have a more easy, fun, and fulfilled life.

Blog Posts

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The main stream media is lying to you.  Coronavirus does NOT have to be feared. Are you afraid of the cold or flu?  I bet not because there are treatments to both prevent and to help clear it out quickly.  The same goes for CV-19.  There are numerous protocols from...

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Sensual Awareness

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Forgiveness Forgive me if you've already heard of this concept, but it does bear repeating.  😉 For some people, forgiveness is just a concept that's not really applied.  When you do actually apply forgiveness, it lightens the load that you bear.  Holding onto anger or...


25 years ago I ate a broccoli stirfry and eight hours later, after being on the floor in horrible pain all afternoon, I threw up and lived in terror of broccoli until I found Ellen several years ago. She was recommended to me by my acupressurist who hadn’t been able to eat any tomato products in 30 years, and to her astonishment and delight Ellen “fixed“ her.  And so to my astonishment and delight, Ellen has also “fixed“ my broccoli issue.  It took me three months to build up the courage to try broccoli, but sure enough, I am happily eating it all different ways again — what a miracle!

Ellen also gives me a “monthly tuneup“ of all my different organ systems and my etheric body.  I believe that all imbalances start in the mind so that by the time we have a physical symptoms, the imbalance is deeply entrenched and much more difficult to release. Ellen watches, clears, and strengthens all my systems while giving me invaluable information so I can do my part on my end.  What a team!

Julli Morrison

“Ellen saved my health just in time.  I was in severe pain and had had zero energy for months due to multiple food allergies, psoriasis, and energy issues.  Then I took a chance on Ellen.

After her first session, I definitely noticed less pain and a lot more energy.  Ellen provided detailed charts explaining the specific allergies and energy problems (such as chakra problems) she had worked on.  I could tell she was working hard for me.

My condition improved even more after each session.

I recommend contacting Ellen for any health issue you have and asking her if she can help you.  She gave me my health back, and I suspect she’ll do the same for you.”

J. Ramirez

“I was on a coaching call with Ellen when we switched to doing an intuitive reading.  I had been holding on to some old family issues.  Her reading to me was that she was getting a download of a lake and that I need to let it go.  Ellen then proceeded to name the lake – Lake Champlain!!!  I went on a vacation to this lake when I was a child and I was holding on to some negative old memories of the vacation.  I couldn’t believe she named the Lake – she was spot on!

Ellen, I think you are awesome!!”

Kathleen R.

“As a life coach, Ellen is highly intuitive and can tap right into what you’re feeling.  She has a way of helping you see things more clearly so you can release whatever negative emotions you’re holding onto and allow more ease.  She was of tremendous benefit to me during a healing crisis and her words of wisdom made a significant improvement in my health.

Thanks Ellen, for being such a gifted teacher!”

Kay Smith
“The Energy Dressing Coach”

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