“25 years ago I ate a broccoli stirfry and eight hours later, after being on the floor in horrible pain all afternoon, I threw up and lived in terror of broccoli until I found Ellen several years ago. She was recommended to me by my acupressurist who hadn’t been able to eat any tomato products in 30 years, and to her astonishment and delight Ellen “fixed“ her.  And so to my astonishment and delight, Ellen has also “fixed“ my broccoli issue.  It took me three months to build up the courage to try broccoli, but sure enough, I am happily eating it all different ways again — what a miracle!

Ellen also gives me a “monthly tuneup“ of all my different organ systems and my etheric body.  I believe that all imbalances start in the mind so that by the time we have a physical symptoms, the imbalance is deeply entrenched and much more difficult to release. Ellen watches, clears, and strengthens all my systems while giving me invaluable information so I can do my part on my end.  What a team!

Testing me for all the different foods I eat has been mind-blowing and mind-expanding! Those of us who are interested in nutrition get so many conflicting opinions:  fat/no fat, carbs/no carbs, raw food/supplements.  Ellen has individualized all these foods for just me so now I know what helps my body (coffee, garlic, 70% dark chocolate!) and what doesn’t (grapefruit, sprouts, tempeh), despite the current wisdom. I cannot recommend this testing enough!”

Julli Morrison

“I’ve received several treatments from Ellen and each has been better than the one before.

She is a true intuitive and empath. Her healing skills are remarkable.

Consider yourself lucky (and healed!) when you utilize her services.”


“Ellen’s work is nothing short of amazing! I have been allergic to tomatoes and dairy for over 25 years. I have been sensitive to gluten for at least 10 years and the last 5 years developed about 50 other food sensitivities that were diagnosed by a naturopath. I had attempted a rotation diet to desensitize myself, but it didn’t work. Only avoiding the foods helped, and even then, I still had many symptoms.

Early on after my diagnosis of crohn’s disease 27 years ago, I had seen several health kinesiologists. I went weekly for two years and was able to gradually to eat some of the foods I was sensitive to at the time, but never was I able to eat tomatoes or dairy without getting itchy skin rashes, mouth canker sores, and diarrhea. I continued to receive sessions from health kinesiologists over the years, but this last year, it really wasn’t helping much at all. So I am just so excited to have all food allergies and sensitivities cleared over a 6 month period of time by talented Ellen Lee! Seriously! Gone!

The first time she worked on me long distance, she was able to clear 5 food sensitivities and I was able to eat them immediately with no reactions. The second time she worked long distance, she cleared emotions that were in my family, of my mother and father. When she did that, about 10 food sensitivities just automatically disappeared! It was amazing!

Whenever she checked in, she would know if my body was able to receive healing work. She would identify when my body might be ready for healing work and then check in on that date. Either the body would be open to healing that day, or it wouldn’t. If it wasn’t ready for more allergy healing work that day, she would usually be able to work clearing my chakras (my energy centers) and/or my Chinese meridians. She didn’t charge for those sessions. I was charged for 4 sessions, which were actual clearing sessions for allergies or emotions, and these 4 sessions were stretched out over a period of about 6 months.

I am so delighted to report that I can now eat all the foods I was previously sensitive or allergic to, including dairy, wheat and tomatoes! I can’t fully express to you how incredible it is to eat lasagna and pizza again after over 20 years!!! I am a very responsible person health-wise, so I don’t eat hardly any sugars, and I try to eat a balanced, healthy diet. I exercise and drink plenty of water.

I highly, without any reservation at all, and with great warmth, recommend Ellen Lee. The cost was worth every penny and then some! Her work has enabled me to enjoy life and have a much higher quality of life. I plan on “going back” for more sessions to work on some other health issues.”

Wendy D., Bath, Maine

“I was allergic to all peppers & coconut. (i.e. coconut oil & that’s in everything!)  If I had any contact with either one of those, I would break out in major hives & a trip to the hospital if I consumed it (coconut).  During the clearing session, I felt warmth around my ears & down that side of my neck, but it wasn’t painful or any discomfort.  After the treatment, I tested it that night by eating a candy bar that has coconut & nothing happened.  Since then I can eat out without any worries.  I can have candy bars & ice cream & any Mexican food which is great because I’m Mexican!!

Thank you so much Ellen for helping me!! You have really changed my life!”

Rachelle Aguirre

“As a life coach, Ellen is highly intuitive and can tap right into what you’re feeling.  She has a way of helping you see things more clearly so you can release whatever negative emotions you’re holding onto and allow more ease.  She was of tremendous benefit to me during a healing crisis and her words of wisdom made a significant improvement in my health.

Thanks Ellen, for being such a gifted teacher!”

Kay Smith
“The Energy Dressing Coach”

“I was on a coaching call with Ellen when we switched to doing an intuitive reading.  I had been holding on to some old family issues.  Her reading to me was that she was getting a download of a lake and that I need to let it go.  Ellen then proceeded to name the lake – Lake Champlain!!!  I went on a vacation to this lake when I was a child and I was holding on to some negative old memories of the vacation.  I couldn’t believe she named the Lake – she was spot on!

Ellen, I think you are awesome!!”

Kathleen R.

“I have known Ellen as a pleasant, helpful, compassionate, and cheerful person from her tenure at SMU. After she transitioned full time into an Energy Healing practitioner, I have had several sessions with her. She is a natural intuitive healer who has some unique offerings in her portfolio – like allergy remediation, quantitative readings of energy centers, etc. I have found her very effective in problem fixing as well as preventive maintenance and would strongly recommend her.”

A. Suri

“Ellen saved my health just in time.  I was in severe pain and had had zero energy for months due to multiple food allergies, psoriasis, and energy issues.  Then I took a chance on Ellen.

After her first session, I definitely noticed less pain and a lot more energy.  Ellen provided detailed charts explaining the specific allergies and energy problems (such as chakra problems) she had worked on.  I could tell she was working hard for me.

My condition improved even more after each session.

I recommend contacting Ellen for any health issue you have and asking her if she can help you.  She gave me my health back, and I suspect she’ll do the same for you.”

J. Ramirez

“After I got lasik on my eyes I cried because I could see clear again. After I went with Ellen I did the same because I could breathe again. I went from taking two Zyrtec a day to being completely off!! Not only that, my allergies to catfish, fluoride, cigarette smoke, trees, mold, flowers and much more are gone!! I am very thankful I met Ellen and I encourage anyone looking for an alternative to cure allergies to come by and see for yourself. She’s amazing. laughing

Erica Martinez 

“I had an allergy to pecans and pineapples for years, my mouth would break out into sore bumps whenever I would eat a bite or two of either of those. I was traveling at Christmas and my sister made fruit salad with both of those ingredients. I messaged Ellen for a session to clear those, I ate the fruit salad, and had NO painful reaction. I was so amazed at how quickly it went away. I would definitely recommend Ellen’s work!”

Lisa Brooks

“Before the allergy clearing session, I had hay fever, etc. and was allergic to all spring time grass related allergens and dust.  I was allergic to pretty much all airborne allergens.  I would sneeze like crazy, have watery eyes, running nose and eventually headaches.  But, Cedar and Cottonwood were very distinct to my nose, which I could smell and feel instantly if I stepped out the door.

When Ellen cleared the Cedar and Cottonwood, I felt a tingling with a relaxing sensation of negative energy being released. Not long after she finished, it was gone, next day! 🙂 I could enjoy going outside and breathing normal again and it is still like that! laughing

Matt Parks

“I have Celiacs disease, which is a Gluten allergy.  I had a severe reaction to barley.  I would get severe stomach cramps, vomit & be weak for days when I came in contact with barley.  During the clearing process, I felt very relaxed and had almost a knowing that my allergy was being cleared. It was painless and very quick.

After clearing the barley allergy, I was hesitant to confirm that it was cleared.  I tried things with wheat to see if I noticed anything – bloated stomach. I was going to ease into trying barley, mainly for the pure fact of getting sick and being out of commission for a day or two. One night I just had a feeling that it was going to be ok, so I took a sip of my husband’s beer.  Nothing happened. I waited a little while and tried some more and nothing happened.  Needless to say I finished off his beer! I was AMAZED!

I still have Celiacs, but my severe allergic reaction to barley has been completely cleared.  I would HIGHLY recommend the clearing for anybody that suffers from allergies.”

 [Note: only the barley allergy was cleared in this session. Wheat was not attempted.]

Kat Ram

The first part of the session, Ellen listed all of the things that came to her before our session started.  After she said everything, we discussed them in further depth.  I couldn’t believe that 5 out of the 6 things she said related so much to me!  For example, she said, “Don’t drink so much beer.”  This was what I was saying to my husband lately.  Then she mentioned mountains, which was where I was contemplating about moving to.  She also said to check for viruses on my computer, which was what I was dealing with in the last few weeks!

Elizabeth S.

Ellen brought up many things that were very accurate.  I wanted to know about my neighbor who recently passed away.  She said, “He wears sweaters like Mr. Rogers.”  My wife used to say he looked like Mr. Rogers in his sweaters!  She also named the song, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree.”  There is a big oak tree in his yard.  She also told me to stretch my neck and get a massage, but she said I won’t get one though…which is totally correct.  She even named my brother-in-law’s daughter’s name McKinsey.  And that’s not a common name!  She got all this info and more just from me giving her my name and nothing else.

D. D.

During our session, she described a woman  with curly white hair and arthritic hands.  That was my mom, whom has passed away already.  Then, Ellen heard the suggestion for me to “bake a cake,” which is what we used to do together.  She said that by doing  that now, it will bring more joy back into my life.  She told me those things even before I said a word about anything!

E. M.

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